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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is great honor and pleasure for me to invite you to the ON-LINE international conference “THE FUTURE OF INTERNAL AUDIT – value, transparency, respect” originally planned for 2020.

However, none of us, almost two years ago, when we started preparing for the conference, had no idea what challenges and difficulties we would all be forced to face in the coming period. Unfortunately, even the current situation in the spring of 2021, has not improved enough to allow us to promise you with the certainty that we will hold the conference in its intended form.

We therefore decided to proceed with the implementation of the conference on-line. I am convinced that in 2021 we can jointly celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the CIIA and share, albeit in a virtual space our experience and vision in the audit and in the light of completely new experiences. At the same time, I believe that the themes and values ​​we have chosen for our conference are gaining even more weight after the events of the pandemic.

The topic of the conference is described by three concepts, which in our opinion are closely connected with the profession of internal audit. By its nature, internal audit should add value to a company. Its activities should be completely transparent and at the same time contribute to the transparent management of companies. Of course, the respect that internal auditors gain in a professional approach also shows in their work with all cooperating parties. These three attributes of a strong internal audit are the foundation for success in an ever-changing environment and at the same time the starting point for a bright future of internal audit.

Therefore, allow me to cordially invite you again, this time after the 25 and one more year of honest cooperation of us all, to an on-line conference on the future of internal audit.

Let’s enjoy the conference together in this non-traditional form.

I look forward to you!
Mgr. Tomáš Pivoňka, CIA, CRMA
Chairman of the Board, The Czech Institute of Internal Auditors

The conference will be interpreted from Czech into English and vice versa.
A certificate will be issued for each international conference participant. The conference is worth 12 CPE hours.

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