How will on-line conference work?
As a conference participant, you will receive a password and login name via email, which you will use to register for the conference. You will log on to the conference website (portal), where you will have a live video of the conference at the time of the conference and a recording of the conference at any time after the live broadcast. The portal, which will be available 1 week before the start of the conference, will allow you to ask questions to participants. Selecting “LIVE!” You enter the current live broadcast at the time of its holding. After the conference, the item “LIVE!” will change to the record “RECORD” and there will be a complete recording of the conference for 1 year.

How do I join a conference?
To connect to the conference, a PC / MAC / mobile phone with a standard web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, MS Edge) with a functional audio output and an internet connection of at least 4Mbps is enough. After entering the portal address into the browser, you fill in the login name and password.

Can I connect from anywhere and in any way (mobile phone, iPad, computer)?

How do I verify that the connection is working?
If the portal items appear after successful login, then by clicking on the LIVE! The video launch is activated and You will see and hear the video from the event, which means You are successfully and functionally registered for the conference.

Who should I contact if the connection doesn’t work?
“The contact for the technical support of the conference is listed on the portal in the item” Contacts “. If You cannot enter the address of the conference portal, You may use the link on the website
technical support – Tomáš Vacík,, +420 735 175 053;
administrative support – Ivana Kirby, +420 603 700 037. ”

Do I need a camera and a microphone to attend the conference?
No, a camera is not required to attend the conference unless You intend to perform.

Can I be a passive participant only?
Yes, if You are not one of the speakers, You are a “passive” participant in the conference and You can, but do not have to use the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker.

How will questions for performers work?
Each participant can ask questions in text form in the form below the video. These questions will be seen by the moderator of a specific section so that he can raise them in the discussion.

Will the presentations be available before the conference?
YES, the presentations will be available for download on the CV page of each of the speakers in the “Performers” section.

By when can I register for the conference at the latest?
After the correct registration at You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Technically, it is possible to log in at any time after the launch date of the portal until the end of the portal. You can register up to 1 day before the start of the conference and then up to 1 year after to access the record.

Where and for how long will the conference record be available?
For one year at the address of the web portal. After the conference, the portal will be accessible on the CIIA website.

What if I can’t watch the whole conference according to the program?
You can disconnect and reconnect at any time during the conference and continue watching the online conference. In case You cannot watch a certain part of the conference online, You can always play this part from the recording.

How do “meeting rooms” work? (only in czech language)
“The Meeting rooms tab is listed on the portal. MRs are activated during breaks. After clicking on the MR tab, a notification will appear for You to check the camera, monitor shot, microphone. At the same time You will be offered a selection of individual MRs by name. If You are interested in MR, You will be switched to TEAMS, and You can discuss or just listen in. If You decide to leave the room, it’s important to leave this room so that the microphone doesn’t disturb others in the room. If You decide to enter another room, You have to make sure that You left the previous one and enter the new MR.
During the MR, there may be a survey, discussion, and a presentation. ”

How will I evaluate the conference?
You have the opportunity to rate the performance of each performer separately on a scale of 1-5 points / stars (1 weak, 2 below average, 3 average, 4 above average, 5 excellent). The rating is saved automatically. If You decide to change the rating, You can do so and the rating will be saved again. If the evaluation is completed, please send it in. After the final submission, You will also have the opportunity to evaluate the conference as a whole.

Will the conference be available in English ? How do I set it up?
The conference will be interpreted, ie the English and Czech versions will be available at all times. As a participant, it is simply to choose which language version to listen. You choose the language version directly at the LIVE record by clicking on the flag symbol.

When will I receive an invoice for attending the conference?
You will receive the invoice (tax document) after the end of the conference.

When and how will I receive a certificate of participation in the conference?
After the conference, You will receive a certificate via e-mail.