Filip Zelingr


Executive Director, Audit, Risk management, Compliance, Prague Airport

Filip is a corporate professional with more than twenty years of executive experience in banking, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Since 2014, he has been responsible for the Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance for Letiště Praha company.  In recent years he focuses on construction quality control and safety quality control departments. He built most of these activities from scratch to guarantee the best support of the values ​​of transparency and accountability the Prague Airport company upholds.

Filip leads a team, in his opinion, of the best professionals, with whom they are, together and often the drivers of positive change. In addition, they provide, with their own passion, objective assurances to their employer, risk-oriented counseling, and much devil’s advocacy. Compliance is a guardian of their management.

#  Internal Audit,

#  Corporate Ethics & Compliance,

#  Enterprise risk management,  

#  Corporate Security

Filip is a proud father, a loving husband and a passionate biker.

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