Jan Gregor


Member of the College of the European Court of Auditors

Mr Gregor graduated in International Trade and European Economic Integration from the Prague University of Economics (1998). He also attended the postgraduate Joint Vienna Institute course in Economics, International Trade, Accounting and Financial Analysis at CERGE-EI, Prague. 

Professional experience

In 1998, Mr Gregor began work at the Czech Ministry of Finance, initially in the European Cooperation Unit of the Financial Policy Department, which later became the European Integration Department. He became Head of the Horizontal Relations Unit and coordinated financial and economic aspects of the EU accession negotiations, covering regional policy, the common agricultural policy and the EU budget. 

In 2001, Mr Gregor was appointed Deputy National Authorising Officer and Director of the National Fund Department at the Ministry of Finance. His responsibilities covered financial management and certification of regional policy, the CAP competent authority, negotiation of financial perspectives and frameworks and the EU budget, including the system of EU own resources. He also participated in twinning cooperation or peer reviews in Croatia, Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

In 2010, Mr Gregor was promoted to Deputy Minister of Finance in the public budgets section. His areas of responsibility ranged from the State budget, local and municipal budgets, debt management and State treasury to EU funds and the EU budget. 

During 2012-2016, Mr Gregor also represented State interests in the banking sector (Czech Export Bank, Czech Moravian Development Bank and European Investment Bank) and in the General Health Insurance Company. He was also a member of numerous government advisory and security committees, including the Statistical Council. 

Mr Gregor became a Member of the College of the  European Court of Auditors on 7 May 2016.

‘‘Internal audit – lifelong battle‘‘

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